Declaration Form

There may be some emotional stress involved in a Sumedhas program. Participants must take responsibility for self-screening if stressful situations are a concern. Sumedhas programs must not be used as a substitute for therapy or psychiatric treatment. Attendance should be discussed with a therapist if you are currently in therapy or under psychiatric treatment. You must also consult your physician, in case you have a current condition of heart ailment or any chronic illness. Should you wish to explore the nature of the program further you are invited to get in touch with any of the Role Holders of Sumedhas. You can send all queries to the Program Secretariat.

Participant Declaration

I have read the program brochure and have made a considered choice to attend. I understand that my participation in this Sumedhas program may involve stress. I have made an informed decision that my participation is appropriate for me at this time. In signing this registration form, I state that my participation is voluntary and I take full responsibility for my decision to attend.


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