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fibonacci spiralThe Sumedhian focus is on the praxis of relating to oneself and the context, and to examine whether this praxis resonates with the process of encountering and engaging with emergent realities within and outside. Thus our program offerings not only depend upon the nature of existing philosophies, academic research, theoretical constructs and frames for this journey, but invite the participating member and facilitator to discover new learnings for themselves. Therefore It is essential that the process of defining knowledge and emergent praxis gets embedded within dialogue and introspection within groups and communities.


The Research & Contemplation (R&C) team of anchors look at facilitating and co-creating forms of new knowledge through dialogue and reflexivity within groups in various Sumedhian forums. The first R&C dialogue took place in July 2010, where the objective was to build new knowledge around Yogasutras, Jungian thought, and Process work - a forum comprising of several yoga experts, process workers and fellows of Sumedhas. The R&C forum invited Raghu Ananthanarayanan to be the key architect - presenting his learning of Yoga Sutras over the last few decades and how this knowledge resonated and created insights on Process Work.

In August 2013, the second R&C dialogue takes place to explore the notion of Indianness, associated knowledge and emotional constructs around the theme of Indianness, as held within the members of Sumedhian community including fellows and interns. This dialogue is being initiated by Ashok Malhotra, and seeks to examine patterns of Indianness that are crucial to the ways of living today.

Currently the process of Research & Contemplation is being anchored jointly by Ashok Malhotra and Gagandeep Singh.


Events :

Earth - Spirituality

What is India?

Yoga and Sankhya



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