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8About the Sumedhas Summer Program

The summer event is a basket of theme based experiential labs. The “laboratory” space is facilitated to be a safe space to encourage us to dive into and examine our inner world of thoughts and feelings. The programs are designed to create an environment of expression, experimentation and learning by discovery. In other words, the programs are based on learning from experience as opposed to learning from theory and are highly interactive.

Learning happens through engagement with others, in small and large groups and through one’s reflections on this engagement. Learning about oneself and one’s context is derived from “here and now” data of interactions in the group. Group members are vital resources for the learning process. Facilitators will help participants challenge themselves and others with sensitivity and authenticity. Self-disclosure is safeguarded through individual and collective commitment to confidentiality.

Participating in any of the summer program labs will meet the prerequisite of a lab experience for someone who wishes to participate in the Internship in OD offered during the Winter Program.


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One week Offerings

Encountering the Self - The Foundation Lab (ESFL)

15th May 2017

20th May 2017

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Roles, Membership, and Self in Organizations(RMS)

The Renewal Program (TRP)

Self-Expression and Creativity (SEC)

Identity and Dilemmas of Growth (IDG)

Young Adult at the Threshold (YAT)

The Internship in Process Work      

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