The Bindu Lab

Human Process Labs have focused on social interactions to begin with, and over the last 50 years have expanded into several distinct foci. The Bindu Lab began with the aim of creating an opportunity to explore living phenomena by expanding the scope of enquiry to include our body and presence as well. Using the core principle of the "here and now" it postulates that the here and now includes our minds, bodies and "that" something more, perhaps our presence / spirit as well as the "others". It further postulates that each one of us creates the reality we live in through our actions / inactions and our presence.

The Lab provides opportunities thus to explore the way we experience our inner and outer realities. This entails looking at the foundations of our identities and the processes we adopt in order to constitute our realities. The lab goes on to help recognise the nature of our appetites and vitality, inhibitions and restraint, and the way we structure our thoughts.

We shall explore the inevitables and imperatives of being human with a view to giving birth to new responses and commitments. The theme for the Ninth Bindu Lab is "expansion of our consciousness".

This Lab is considered highly useful for those who work in any of the human development professions as it enhances awareness and management of the core identity from where the professional's "subjectivity" stems.

The Concept

The name Bindu in Sanskrit means that infinitesimal spot which contains the macrocosm. The lab is a journey into the infiniteness contained within each individual.

The Bindu Lab series is founded on the principle that each moment holds the entire universe of experience. This series of labs is geared to exploring the processes (as opposed to the content) of our experience. It is distinct from other lab work as in being free of concerns of becoming such as causes and effects, benefits and disadvantages, success and failure etc. It is designed to create a space for exploring and nourishing the linkages between mind, body and spirit. The domain of exploration is beyond the persona or identity to the foundations of the mechanics of experiencing itself.

Eligibility :

You must have participated in at least one one-week lab of a personal growth type. Persons seeking relaxation on this condition may contact the Program Director on 011-26858493 during the day.



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