Roles, Membership and Self in Organizations (RMS)

For whom:

  • Senior and middle level executives in corporate, government, social organizations, entrepreneurs and self employed professionals


  • To gain deeper awareness and insight into the roles we play in various systems – the context, patterns of role behaviour, and choice making
  • Examine the links between our identities and role taking
  • To examine one’s ideas of membership – inclusion and exclusion – within any system
  • To examine patterns of authorising and empowering oneself in systems
  • To examine the pathos and the potentials that lie behind role performance; and evolve fresh perspectives

How does this happen:

  • Learning is facilitated by encounters within the group
  • Facilitator creating safe conditions to promote self disclosure, dignity and mutual respect
  • Working with the ‘here and now’ data, roles that emerge as experienced by some or all members of the group and systems that are experienced
  • Facilitator offers relevant frameworks for the participant to place his / her experience of systems and role taking in the group

Expectations from the participant:

  • A willingness / readiness to inquire, question, explore and act
  • Willingness to share feelings, thoughts and experiences
  • Listening without making quick judgments
  • A willingness to explore and act from one’s own authority, power and resources

Some possible take aways for participants:

  • An understanding of roles as potentially negotiable, also based on individual choice and not only as defined by the system
  • Rediscover one’s authority
  • A sense of replenishment and renewed commitment to engage with certain roles
  • New lens to interpret systemic phenomena
  • Insights into leadership and systemic transformation processes


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