Self Expression and Creativity (SEC)

For whom:

  • Children between the ages of 8 and 14 years


  • To provide time and space to explore their inner world of feelings, creative energy and actively relate to the environment
  • To experiment with new forms of expression, thoughts and ideas that may have hitherto been withheld, or denied
  • To introduce the process of learning through sharing (self disclosure) and reflection

How does this happen:

  • Learning is facilitated by encounters within the group
  • Facilitator creating safe conditions to promote creative energy, self-expression, self disclosure, dignity and mutual respect
  • Working with the ‘here and now’ data, individual and group patterns as they emerge

Expectations from the participant:

  • A willingness / readiness to inquire, question and explore
  • Express / act spontaneously
  • Listening without making quick judgments
  • Question what constitutes mistakes, not be afraid to make them, and learn

Some possible take aways for participants:

  • Ability to value one’s own and others creative expression
  • The capacity to enjoy people and things, have fun without being too self conscious
  • An appetite to question, to challenge oneself and try out new things without pre-judging, fear or shame
  • Desire to pursue what one loves


Watch Pavit Singh, a participant of SEC 2015 speak about his experience in this video


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