Young Adults at the Threshold (YAT)

For whom:

  • Young Adults between the ages of 18 and 24 years


  • To provide time and space to explore and examine the transition into adulthood and the inner world of feelings. To gain deeper awareness and understanding of one’s self and one’s interfaces with the world, without shame and fear
  • To examine one’s assumptions and beliefs about the self and the world that one has carried from childhood and adolescence - what of these have been tested, confirmed, challenged and revised in the process of growing up
  • To become aware of one’s patterns of behaviour and process of making choices. This includes looking at one’s blind spots, defences and hidden potentials
  • To experience the world of one’s feelings and understand / integrate it with one’s thought and action
  • To experiment with new behaviors / expressions that may have hitherto been withheld, or denied
  • To build capability to learn through sharing (self disclosure) and reflection

How does this happen:

  • Learning is facilitated by encounters within the group
  • Facilitator creating safe conditions to promote self disclosure, dignity and mutual respect
  • Working with the ‘here and now’ data, individual and group patterns as they emerge

Expectations from the participant:

  • A willingness / readiness to inquire, question and explore
  • Willingness to share feelings, thoughts and experiences and act from the “here and now” context
  • Listening without making quick judgments

Some possible take aways for participants:

  • Ability to hold curiosity and compliance, adherence and experimentation, others’ expectations and one’s own dreams in balance
  • Ability to have a recalibrated perspective to act, take initiative, and relate with the family, peers, significant others, and institutions that one engages with
  • Discover inner resources to complement skills/ability, and a capacity to design action choices drawing from the lab explorations
  • Ability to empathise with others, and to value subjective human realities beyond “objective” data


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