Theory and Practice of Process Work

Process work is that branch of the Applied Behavioral Sciences where practice and knowledge combine to create experiences that lead to learning by discovery. The learning is experiential and facilitates transitions in life, resolves conflicts in groups/organizations and promotes understanding of self and others. The overarching goal is to enhance individual and collective wellbeing simultaneously, paving the way for expanded perceiving plus creative new action.

Largely deployed in groups as well as in individual work it is led by a practitioner – who will be referred to as the Anchor Person.

At one end is group work that fosters basic personal growth to help improve interpersonal relations, at the other end are applications that promote the investigation and exploration of experienced reality. This workshop will cover the whole spectrum from first order personal growth work to advanced applications such as Body-Identity, Existential work and studies of consciousness.

Process work is unique in that it is entirely and avowedly experiential. The work repeatedly resorts to the use of the elegant method that draws the attention to the “Here and Now”. We shall introduce in this edition a new feature, an exploration into the inner dynamics that get generated on the application of the principle and tool of the “Here and Now”.

As an art, process work demands from the anchor person, authentic engagement and creative expression. It requires the anchor person to continuously keep discovering her own multiple identities and beyond. As a science, process work has boundaries and frameworks of rigor characteristic to the paradigm in use. In consequence, process work can be learned but is not amenable to being taught. This results in the fact that despite its immense practical value it rarely finds a place in any academic syllabus. Over the years this workshop, the only one of its kind, has fine-tuned itself to foster both the art and the science and the action that the anchorperson prefers to engage in, during the conduct of process work.

The paradigm of process work we are located in hinges around the concepts of identity, the being and Cosmos (All that Is). During the workshop, we will explicate this ground of process work, its theoretical, philosophical and the conceptual bases and then progress onto detailing a variety of interventions. The workshop will go into experiencing and deconstructing structured exercises in a mix of inter-personal, intra-personal and existential domains. Special emphasis will be placed on developing a deeper understanding and proficiency in the use of the powerful alter-ego technique so critical, especially in intrapersonal work. It will also go into the “oughts” of the interventions and the anchor person’s role, the do's and dont's of conducting labs, design and deployment of interventions, thereby enhancing the practitioner’s proficiency in the design, holding and anchoring of process work spaces.


The sessions will blend experiential and classroom methodologies. About two thirds of the time will be in experiential modes, the balance in discussion and classroom format. Time will be structured to foster individualized absorption and practice. Handouts of the various structured exercises will be given.

For Whom:

Process work practitioners/Lab Facilitators/ Coaches/ OD Practitioners/Consultants/ HR Leads and those on the way/intending to become practitioners in the near future. Open to Fellows and Interns of Sumedhas, Professional Members and Interns from ISABS, Aastha and ISISD. Senior practitioners have used it to re-examine and invigorate their own stances and practices - while younger professionals and aspirants have used it to widen/deepen their understanding, perspectives and skills.

CHRO's and L&D professionals can gain unique understanding about how the conditions of learning spaces and events influence the learning of participants impacting Leadership and other processes in the organisation. This leads to enhanced effectiveness of the CHRO/L&D role in designing change interventions.

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